The 10 Most Profitable Plants for Your Garden

Cheap Vegetable Gardener has a small space to garden in, so he wanted to figure out which were the most profitable plants to put in the space. So he “did a little research first to determine yields of various plants per square foot and secondly what the value (organic supermarket prices USD) of the yielded produce at harvest.”
The top ten plants he came up with, according to their value per square foot are:
1. Cilantro: $21.20 Value/SF
2. Arugula-Roquette: $20.92 Value/SF
3. Green Salad Mix: $ 17.55 Value/SF
4. Chives: $16.40 Value/SF
5. Dill: $16.40 Value/SF
6. Lettuce: $16.20 Value/SF
7. Tomato, Cherry, small & medium: $15.57 Value/SF
8. Turnip: $9.90 Value/SF
9. Tomato, large: $ 9.50 Value/SF
10. Squash, Winter: $8.40 Value/SF
Check out the rest of the list here.
I have to admit, this list surprised me because in the past when determining the most valuable crops, I have only looked at how much the vegetable costs in the supermarket. My list of the most profitable vegetables to grow would have included herbs and tomatoes, but turnips? Because of this, some of the things on this list are hard for me to swallow, so to speak. Radishes, which cost $.39 a bunch, are more profitable to grow than leeks, which can cost around $4 for a bunch?
And yet, I suppose this does make sense in a math-y kind of way. It just seems a little short-sighted because it doesn’t take into account personal taste, the cost and labor of each plant, and how much of any given vegetable you would eat (no one is going to eat that much cilantro). Still, it’s a handy thing to check out.

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