Tennis Balls As Dryer Sheets?

Following yesterday’s thoughts on cat hair, I became interested in those blue dryer balls that can be used instead of dryer sheets in the wash. You get 2 for about $9 and they are supposed to add pockets of air and agitation to speed up drying time. The idea is that they are reusable, while dryer sheets are not, therefore they are more frugal in the long run–and better for the earth.
After reading around on some forums, it seems like a lot of people are dissatisfied with these dryer balls. While they do shorten drying time, they don’t make as dramatic a difference as the dryer sheets with issues like static. Plus, they are loud when they are bouncing around in the dryer.
Then I read of something that’s suppose to work just as well–tennis balls:

This makes sense. There’s no reason a tennis ball can’t do the same job as these blue gizmos, and for a fraction of the price. In fact, we have some tennis balls in the garage. I’m going to give them a try.

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4 thoughts on “Tennis Balls As Dryer Sheets?”

  1. Tennis balls work very well – I use them often for really hairy clothes (boy, that sounds awful) and for fluffing pillows and comforters in the dryer.

  2. To control static, first and foremost, don’t overdry your clothes. For any remaining static, a ball of tin foil takes care of that nicely, and can be reused indefinitely.

  3. Cordelia–Nice tip! Thanks.
    BTW, I have been using tennis balls for a couple of weeks now. They seem to work pretty well.


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