Target's Non-Sale Sale

Last week, Mr. Savvy and I went to Target to buy diapers. Here is a picture of the sales tag.

As Advertised! For One Penny Less Than The Regular Price!
You’ll notice they don’t claim the prices are reduced or that this is a sale. It’s just “as advertised.” They are hoping you will see it, assume it’s a good deal, and stock up on diapers.
All the diapers were “as advertised” like this. None of the diapers were actually reduced more than a penny off.
It’s a shame they are allowed to be so deliberately misleading. But it goes to show, you always have to read the fine print.

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4 thoughts on “Target's Non-Sale Sale”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I was excited because Target is coming up my way in Canada in a few months. But if they play this type of game I won’t be visiting them.
    I can’t believe they can get away with that stuff.

  2. I’m glad to see someone else thinks this is slightly shady. Because it comes down to us being responsible for our decisions, I like to think of these little tricky advertising techniques as keeping me on my toes; a game of sorts . . . a literal sign inadvertently saying ‘hey, you! wake up and pay attention.’ 😉

  3. I have noticed that Walmart does this right before they raise the price. They say it is on sale when that has been the price all along and you lift up the tag and they have just raised the price.


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