Taco Seasoning Mix

At our house, we eat Mexican food at least twice a month. Rather than buying pre-mixed taco seasoning from the store, I make my own with spices in my pantry. I use the below mix in burritos, enchiladas, and tacos.

Savvy Housekeeper’s Taco Seasoning Mix


    6 tsp chili powder
    4.5 tsp cumin
    2.5 tsp garlic powder
    2.5 tsp paprika
    salt (to taste)
    cayenne pepper (to taste–I like there to be a little kick, but not so much that I can’t use this spice mix when cooking for people who are afraid of spicy food.)(Yes, I said afraid.)

Mix in a bowl. Taste it. If it doesn’t taste right, adjust spices as needed.
Cost of Dish: Spices: $.50 (estimate)
In the Store: $3.69 for a 2 oz bottle in the store.
Approximate Savings: $3.19
What’s your taco seasoning mix?

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