Stop Wasting Your Money on These 25 Things

BillShrink has a list of 25 things to stop wasting money on. I agree with all of them except the bit about cutting out all magazines and newspaper subscriptions–online news reporting and feature articles haven’t yet caught up to print in terms of quality and accuracy. However, I would wager everyone is guilty of one of these 25 things.
Read Stop Wasting Your Money on These 25 Things.

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4 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Your Money on These 25 Things”

  1. Good List- although I must take offense at the buying single cups of coffee… I make my own coffee most of the time, and when I go to the local coffee shop, It is more for socializing, and considering I don’t drink or smoke(anymore) I need a socail outlet. Print Mags I can agree with and it is probably greener, but leave my Ready Made Magazine alone! Bottled water is a no brainer. The cost of a stainless steel reuseable water bottle at Walgreens is $2.99 to 4.99. Thats it. Cost of water from tap – pretty much free.

  2. Most of those seem like logic to me…with single cups of coffee, I usually bring a travel mug, instead of using the in store cups-or even worse a paper take out one…Our local chain encourages the use of travel mugs, and gives a (small) discount when you bring your own.
    I have to agree about still getting magazines and newspapers. Morning coffee at the computer is no where near the same as with the print copy of the paper. Subscribing is way cheaper than going out to the box every day too! As for magazines, I wait for my local library to toss them in the sale bins-sometimes it’s only a few months out of date when I get them-then I pay $5 a bag…trust me, I can stuff a whole lot of mags into a re-usable bag!

  3. Yeah I agree with both of you.
    Also I think the article makes an especially good point about buying a new car and getting it fixed at a dealership. Both things are going to cost you a lot of unneeded money.

  4. I don’t thin I have ever had a new car…Hubby and I have always bought older ones, that are easier to work on ourselves. Granted, I know a lot of people aren’t inclined to do car repairs themselves, but even the basics like oil changes and tune ups done at home can save a bunch of money.


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