St. Patrick's Day Round-Up

St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday! I will not be celebrating much this year, although I still want to make corned beef. Here’s a round-up of past St. Patrick’s Day posts:
savvyhousekeeping st patrick's day round-up
Irish Spring Cocktail. A St. Patrick’s Day cocktail I made up using gin, mint, lime, and celery juice. Yes! It was delicious.
Turn Corned Beef Into Pastrami. Last year, I discovered that all it takes to turn corned beef into really nice pastrami is a smoker. I plan to do this again this year.
How To Make An Irish Coffee. A classic Irish drink of whiskey and coffee, perfect for the rainy March weather.
Dublin Coddle. One year I didn’t feel like corned beef, so I made this Irish stew instead, which uses sausage, carrots, potatoes, and beer.
savvyhousekeeping st patrick's day round-up
Corned Beef Pizza. Turns out, corned beef makes an excellent homemade pizza topping.
Three Green Cocktails. If your cocktail isn’t green, does someone get to pinch you?
st patrick's day round-up
Carbomb Cupcakes. Guinness chocolate cupcakes with a ganache filling and Baileys frosting. Yum.

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