Spicing Up Toile

Awhile back, I made a black and white bedspread for my guest room. Since the bedspread is black and white and the walls of the room are yellow, I looked everywhere for black-and-white pillows with a splash of yellow in them. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for (this happens to me all the time), I decided to embroider the pillows. But that was a lot of work, so I just made one pillow, which is now the sole decoration for the bed.
I wish I had thought of this far simpler solution: Coloring the pillows with a highlighter like Britt did at Cumbersome.

She got the exact effect I was looking for but with far less work.

The only concern I have is if you are going to wash these pillows, use markers/highlighters that can withstand the washing machine without running into the fabric. Otherwise, it’s a fabulously simple way to modernize a classical look.

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