Something To Aspire To

Apartment Therapy has a house tour of an 89-year-old woman living in Gloucester, MA. I love the combinations of styles and colors in this woman’s house. She is obviously someone with a natural sense of flare and originality. This is the kind of house I would like to have–not in style, but in spirit. A place that is a reflection of your life, your memories, and your creativity.
Says Apartment Therapy:

We present this cottage not for reader critiques on amount of stuff, style, etc. but to offer you a rare glimpse into a seaside home inhabited by an inspiring woman and her lifetime of objects, photographs, and mementos. Not to mention her original Design Research sofa, Marimekko pillows, Rolling Stone Magazine bin, and refreshingly unpredictable arrangement of objects…This is perhaps one of the most accidentally hip homes we’ve ever been in, made all the more delightful by the fact that the owner has been relishing life for 89 years.

I love how the simple placement of the jar in the middle reflects all the colors in the porch furniture.

Amazing pillows on the couch.

Want. Lamp.

What do you know? A tinkertoy sculpture in the kitchen

Now I want a dresser with spool knobs.
Lots more here.

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3 thoughts on “Something To Aspire To”

  1. I for one, like keeping up with the latest and adding a twist. Luckily, I say things I would like to see more of and they appear. Case in point: Animal Prints. I lovvvve animal prints. They are fun and wild. By nature. heehee. I wished for them while looking at pillows and now they are everywhere.
    Anyway, I like keeping up with latest, putting my own spin on it, and mixing in the classics. Sometimes.. I even wish for a style and here is comes! I would also like to say that some trends are for the birds man!
    In summary, I like being stylish and simple and fun all at once and making sure that my home is comfortable for all. I appreciate this woman’s style. Really I do. I personally prefer to match because it feels peaceful to me.

  2. I think it’s great that you recognize your own style so clearly–that’s what it’s all about. And hey, if you are predicting things that are coming into style (like animal prints), you must be doing something right.

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