Snapping Paper Towel Set

This is a cute way to reduce Paper Towel Use: use a snapping paper towel set instead. Shaped like a roll of paper towels, each sheet snaps together, like so:

You get 12 towels in a roll. They are machine washable and will sit in a paper towel holder.
But for $52 a roll, you’d better be using a lot of paper towels to make this save you money. Actually, I find that overpriced for glorified kitchen rags, but I love the idea.
Why look, here’s a tutorial to make one for yourself. And another. And another.

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3 thoughts on “Snapping Paper Towel Set”

  1. I love these, they have been on my wish list for a while, you are right they are really over priced.. Maybe time to get the sewing machine out.

  2. Hmm. Old towels + pinking shears + velcro = virtually the same thing perhaps? OR, microfiber cloths + velcro, or hell, why even roll ’em, you could just get a nice-looking box for some kitchen rags.

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