Side Table Shopping

Shopping for side tables is hard. The stores only have four or five kinds right now, and they are either stools, ottomans, nesting tables, or ugly things I don’t want in my house.
I could always go the thrift/antique store route, but the problem is that my living room is getting really retro looking, so my gut says I need the accents to be more contemporary to balance it out. I don’t want my house to start looking like it is in the 1960s. A new table is the easiest way to get away from that.
If I could just find a simple wooden square or box with a glass top and a little pizazz, I would buy it right away. You know, something like this from Arbora Designs in the UK:
savvyhousekeeping side tables
But this is $441 US dollars, and I need two of them. It is pretty nice though.
I also like the idea of an all glass table, like this one:
savvyhousekeeping side table
It’s the Timber Table, $225 from Style Garage. I like the idea of this table, but I’m not sure how sturdy it is. I would have to see it in person.
Another cool idea for a table:
savvyhouskeeping side tables
$285 from Fine Home Designs. It’s definitely different, but I’m not sure it’s practical.
And while we’re talking high price, why not go high end, like this table by Isotrope Designs:
savvyhousekeeping side table
This table is a sculpture inspired by “cellular and organic forms.” I am guessing the cellular form that inspired it is what termites do to wood? Because that is what this table makes me think of. Termites.
On the other hand, maybe I don’t want this table after all.
And let’s face it, I don’t want to pay this much for side tables. I am going to have to think of a cheaper option here.
Stay tuned.

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