Shower Caddy Round Up

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of ugly shower caddies out there (the above image being a prime example). Since I finished remodeling my own shower, I have been looking for a better way to store my soaps, and let me tell you, wire baskets or cheap-looking plastic tubs don’t exactly give the bathroom a look of elegance.
However, there are some attractive shower storage options out there. Here are a few that I found:
This Bamboo Adjustable Shower Caddy (image above) from Simple Human is one of several attractive bamboo shower caddies available. Bamboo is water resistant and can give a shower a spa-like feel.

Another idea is to install a shelf up high where the water can’t hit it to store towels, and use that as your caddy. In this picture from Andy Butkaj’s Flickr, an IKEA shelf and a towel bar have been installed together to just this.

Alternately, you can install a glass shelf to hold your shampoo and conditioners. Here’s an Apartment Therapy post telling you how.

Corner shower shelves are probably the way we’ll go in our own shower. They are elegant and unobtrusive, only I’m not sure why they are sometimes so expensive. I’ve seen them for as much as $125 each, but here is one for $13.55.

Finally, I like this Owl Shower Caddy from Urban Outfitters. While not the highest quality, it looks pretty cute.
What is your shower storage solution?

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  1. I Needed to store shampoos, conditioners,shaving cream, body soap in my shower for eight people. The bathroom is very small and narrow so wall space and cabinet space is very limited so, this past summer while out shopping at garage sales, I found these plastic coated racks that mount on the wall, they are for putting tin foil and such in your cabinet. They have work perfectly. Maybe not high end but keeps everything from getting spilled.


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