Sew Your Own Camera Accessories

When I discovered how much the local camera shop was charging for camera bags, I promptly made my own. I would put a picture of it up here, but it’s just a simple drawstring bag made out of quilted material–nothing fancy.
But the point is, making your own camera accessories is easy, cheap, and a great way to infuse personality into something that tends to get carried around quite a lot.
Plus they can make great Christmas gifts for the camera geek in your life.
Here are three camera accessories you can make yourself:

Wood & Faulk shows you how to make this wool camera wrap. While I’m not sure how well this would work for a big camera, it looks like it would be a perfect for a smaller one. And it even has a nifty leather strap for a touch of manliness.

Or you can pretty up your camera strap with this Strap Cover from Little Big Girl Studio. Comfortable to wear, attractive, and there’s even a pocket for the lens cap.

Finally, this one is my favorite: a camera purse/bag insert from Vanilla & Lace. This pattern allows you to convert a regular bag into a camera case by adding a foam insert. It looks great and costs under $20 to make. A similar bag in the store would cost between $100-$300.

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