Seven Decorating Tips

Metropolitan Home has seven deadly sins of home decorating. While that sounds judgmental on the outset, I found myself agreeing with them. Especially #3:

Slavishly Following Trends
Ignore shelter magazine suggestions (guilty as charged!!) about adopting a currently popular interiors style like Asian Modern or English Country. The most successful rooms defy categorization. They’re allergic to design templates because they reflect their owner’s individuality and life experiences.

Good point. Following trends sucks the individuality out of a home and makes it look dated in a few years. I also liked #4:

Resorting to Cliché

Rooms that stay relentlessly true to one particular style or period (even, dare I say it, mid-20th century modern!) are predictable. They leave little to the imagination. Good design is never stuck in a time warp. It’s confident and surprising. Or, in designer Larry Laslo’s words, “Glamour is rooted in the unexpected.”

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