Savvy Housekeeping Redesign!

Hello. So as you can see, I’ve redesigned the site a bit. I wanted to make it cleaner and easier to use, plus add some new features and bigger pictures in the post in the process.
At the top, I have put all the categories for the site. These are the same categories that have always been there, but now you can click on them on the bar under the header:

The categories are Cleaning/Decorating, DIY (do-it-yourself projects), Food/Drink, Gardening, Kids, Money (focusing on frugality and saving money), News, Pretty/Cool (products I like), and Recycling.
I’ve also added a section on how you can more easily follow this blog. You can do this through the RSS feed, Twitter, or Facebook.
Side Note: lots of you have asked me for a mailing list so you can follow Savvy Housekeeping via e-mail. I’ve heard you on that and am planning to add that in the near future. Stay tuned.
Let’s see, what else? There are some other features to check out, including a “Top Posts” section and the new “About” page if this is your first time here.
Other than that, it will be business as usual. Hope you like the changes!
Oh, thanks to Liam Boylan for help with the header and to Mr. Savvy for help with the WordPress stylesheet.

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