Saving $320 In One Hour

The Internet makes it easier than ever to live by the motto “never pay retail.” Recently, my husband and I needed to buy a range cooktop for our kitchen remodel. After shopping for months, we found one that we liked for $1,000.
I didn’t want to pay that much for a range. It seemed to me that they should be around $600-$700. I’m not sure where I got that number, but it seemed like a good round number and that is what I budgeted for. Unfortunately, the manufacturers didn’t agree–in fact, ranges had been going up in price. In the months we have been looking, they have risen an average of about $200 per unit, so it seemed that I was going to have to cave in and pay the $1000.
I decided, though, that since we were buying the range from a national hardware store, I would at least try to find a coupon to see if I could save 10-25% first. So I went home and got on the Internet.
And while I wasn’t able to find a coupon, through a variety of searches, I found a store on the East Cost that carried the same range for $300 less than anyone else–and they were willing to send it to me for free. On top of that, I found a factory rebate from the manufacturer for $20 off that model.
So in less than an hour of searching, I saved $320, bringing the price of the range down to $680. If we sell the existing range for the $100-$150 price range I’m hoping for, I will have cut the price of the new range almost in half.
That’s a lot of money for one hour of work.
How has the Internet helped you save money?

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