Samuel Barrett Genthner House Tour

While I do like the clean, streamlined look in decorating, I seem to prefer houses that combine different styles, display quirky collections, and reflect someone’s personality. I like decoration that is interesting, where everywhere you look there is something to take in.
Samuel Barrett Genthner’s house tour on Apartment Therapy certainly fits this description. He is co-owner of Monument, vintage and antiques shop in San Francisco. Apartment Therapy gushes that “almost every San Francisco house tour seems to mention Monument as a favorite source and inspiration.” And it is indeed a very cool store–I have been in there many times–although expensive (some might say overpriced). Anyway, Genthner’s house is like the best of Monument. For example:
savvyhousekeeping bedroom house tour
I love these drapes and the gun pillow cases.
savvyhousekeeping house tour dining room
Dining room with cool lamps and mustached head on the table.
savvyhousekeeping house tour
savvyhousekeeping house tour owls
Owls! And a close up on the lamps.
savvyhousekeeping house tour globes living room
Part of the living room. Notice the globes in the corner. Like owls and old phones, globes seems to be getting hot for people to collect. They can be a cheerful collection to have in the corner or on top of a shelf.
Genthner also has some good advice on decorating: “Trust your eye and your instincts. Go with your feelings. If it’s attractive to you, it’ll be attractive to someone else. Try not to follow trends.”
More of the house tour here.

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