Roll-On Wallpaper

I curious about these Patterned Paint Rollers, which let you roll a pattern on your wall to get a wallpaper look in a room. Here is a woman demonstrating the product:

It seems like there are quite a few advantages to these. Cost, for one thing. Wallpaper is expensive. This is the cost of the roller (about $16) plus paint.
There are a lot of creative possibilities here, too. You can have any color combination you want in the room.
And while it looks like these might be a bit of a pain to use–you would have to have a very steady hand to get it look right–hanging wallpaper is a pain too. And if you don’t like the end result, you can always paint over it.
Has anyone used a patterned paint roller? What did you think?

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2 thoughts on “Roll-On Wallpaper”

  1. You can get lots of roller-style stamps, and have been able to for years. I guess someone just finally realized that you can use them on more than just paper.


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