Ribbon Upholstery Before and After

Once I was walking in Paris and stopped in front of a store window to admire the most beautiful lampshades ever. They were made out of layers and layers of ribbons. I wanted to buy them, but the store was closed, and I didn’t end up going back that way during my stay. But I have thought about them since then.
It never occurred to me to use ribbon upholstery on a chair, but it did to Diane Durkes at Homeworkshop.com, who turned this beat up chair from this:
savvyhousekeeping chair before
To this:
savvyhousekeeping ribbon chair
She did a really nice job. Apparently the inspiration came from $2,300 chairs from Dransfield & Ross. Diane’s chair cost $150 for supplies and looks like it cost a lot more than that.
savvyhousekeeping ribbon chair

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