Reusable Straws

Oprah had a pretty good Earth Day show yesterday. I particularly liked the part about using all reusable containers in your lunch. It saves you money since you don’t have to keep buying water bottles, sodas, plastic utensils, etc. According to the show:

By switching from using disposable items in your lunches to reusable ones, you could save as much as $320. You’ll reduce your waste too.

They featured several reusable options for the lunch, from lunch bags like this one to water bottles to little material sacks to hold your pretzels. (I’m not sure about that idea.)
One that particularly got my attention was stainless steel drinking straws:

I try to re-use drinking straws, but they get a little weird after going through the dishwasher, so I don’t like to give them to guests. It’s not that they aren’t clean, but you can see the water spots and wherever anyone bit on the straw, and it’s just a little funky to hand over to someone when you are pouring them a drink. Stainless steel straws seem like a good alternative to this problem.
The thing is, I’m not sure I would want to pay $12.99 got five of them. You would have to go through a lot of drinking straws to make that back. But it’s an intriguing idea, nevertheless.

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8 thoughts on “Reusable Straws”

  1. I pack my lunch almost every day. I’ve been using a reusable tote for my lunch for many years. I’m not so sure about the stainless steel straws though. It’s pretty hard to get it clean in the little nooks inside the straw. Unless you probably use pipe cleaners?

  2. Hm yeah I wondered about cleaning them too. The dishwasher does a pretty good job with the plastic ones, but these seems like it would be a little harder to clean. But yeah, pipe cleaners would work…

  3. Glass Dharma straws are beautiful and easy to clean…i have straws and cleaning brushes form them. Since they are glass, you can see and be very confident that all is sparkling clean. And, they are even dishwasher safe…and they have a lifetime guarantee on them .Seriously. – hurray for great reusables!

  4. I can taste metal. I can’t drink from the trendy “green” ss water bottles because I can taste it. I can also taste high concentrations of red food coloring (Dear MM Mars: I can taste the red food coloring on my delicious M&Ms. It’s gross and that color sucks. Bring back light brown. Sincerely, Krista). Is it all in my head? Hmmm.

  5. Nah the taste of metal sometimes bothers me too. Also I can taste fake vanilla, lemon, and lime flavoring. They burn my tongue.

  6. Glass and stainless steel are my ONLY choices when it comes to food/beverage storage and serveware.
    Glass does taste best and is easy to sanitize. And is most elegant! I use glass whenever possible especially if the container makes it to my lips. My vote.. reusable glass straws all the way! I am so impressed with how strong they are, it has to do with the manufacturing methods. Glass Dharma has the top notch method for the strongest glass straws so they guarantee them!


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