Product Review: Red Wall Phones

I like vintage phones. We bought a phone from 1960-something for my husband’s office–it works great–and ever since, I have been looking for a red wall phone for the kitchen. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find one that would work, so at last I turned, as I always do, to the Internet. I was pleased to find that there are plenty of retro red wall phones available. For example, check out this phone from Red Candy:
savvyhousekeeping retro red wall phones
This one is my favorite. Unfortunately, it seems to only be available in the UK and it is out of stock until April. Then there is this one:
savvyhousekeeping red retro wall phones
I originally found this phone on Smith Gear for $50, which is too much for a phone. But it is cool–there is even a volume control on the handle. With a little poking around, I found what looks like the same phone on eBay for $32. Much better.
avvyhousekeeping red retro wall phone
This Crosley phone is also nice. It is a little fancier than the others, more like something you would find in an office. You can get it at Amazon for $47.
savvyhousekeeping red retro wall phones
And finally there is your basic red Golden Eagle Electronics phone. They may not be as cute as the others, but they are the cheapest for $9 from Phone Merchants. These phones are reliable and have been around forever.
The advantage of buying a new phone that looks old is that it works with our modern phone lines. But still, they don’t quite have the charm of the originals…

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3 thoughts on “Product Review: Red Wall Phones”

  1. Ours is not red, but beige, but it is a genuine, rotary dial wall phone. Young children have been known to ask, “What is that? Can I try it?” Of course, let’s call someone. They are fascinated by the rotary dial which I always have to show them how to use. It’s great.

  2. The Golden Eagle Electronics is reminisceint (sp) of the princess phone my mom had on the wall of her kitchen for years (back in the Ma Bell days), If you wanted a red one, you had to spray paint it yourself! Say now there you go! Spary paint your phone! Krylon and Rust-O-leum make spray paints suited for plastic- You could have red or any color you want!

  3. Rob: Say, not a bad idea…
    Carla: I want to get a typewriter for the exact same reasons. It’s so funny how kids view these older electronics.


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