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Lee from do stuff! confirmed something I had wondered about before–could you go to a thrift store, get a bunch of old sweaters, and unravel the yarn? Yes. According to Lee, “I spent a couple episodes of a bad tv show yesterday frogging this J.Crew sweater, resulting in 1154 (!!) yards of soft lambswool.” She plans to dye the wool again and use it in an ongoing project.
I’ve talked a lot about reusing clothes on here, but the idea of recycling yarn is especially appealing. I have seen plenty of sweaters in thrift stores that were hideous, yet obviously made out of a nice wool or silk or even cashmere. And since yarn is expensive and thrift store sweaters are cheap, why not use them for the yarn?
A couple of resources to get started: How-to on unravel old sweaters, which I have just realized is *also* by Lee, and What to look for in a thrift sweater.

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