ReadyMade Loft Tour

ReadyMade Magazine has a loft tour of Philadelphia couple Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt. They live in a 2,300-square-foot loft in a converted tire factory. They are very DIY.

Most of the furniture that wasn’t thrifted is simple, inexpensive Ikea stock, often in wood to balance out the painted finishes. “Everything is super low-budget,” Alterio says, noting that their Ikea bed is the most expensive purchase they’ve ever made for the home. Most of their receipts, Loidolt adds, come from hardware stores.


“I’ll see something, and I want to make it for myself, even if it’s available for sale,” he says. It’s an itch that comes in handy for a couple on a budget. Loidolt taught himself upholstery by taking apart the living room sofa—a long-ago thrift store find—and reassembling it, painting the frame, and refinishing the seats in a rustic child’s-nursery print of French peasants.

Clearly, these are people after my own heart.

Here they are in the porch swing that dangles from the industrial rafters of their loft. “The swing was Loidolt’s 2008 Valentine’s Day gift to Alterio.” Better than a couch!

The collection of globes was what caught my eye. There’s something about the repeating pattern of blue that is so uplifting and interesting. Apparently it is one of their collections.

“A cutout chandelier and wall mural add interest to the minimalist dining area.”

I like this idea for a chest of drawers. It is a set of Ikea drawers on top of a “painted thrift-store base.”

I like how the headboard incorporated their collection of plastic deers. It is a “movable plywood wall built by Loidolt, with a niche that houses the small plastic deer that Alterio began collecting in Michigan. Finished in yellow floral wallpaper, it epitomizes their fun, yet polished, look.”
Again, when you have skills and creativity, you don’t really need much money to have a cool living space.

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