Raised Bed Inspiration

This spring I’m going to be putting in a raised-bed kitchen garden. I’m planning out what it will look like, which means looking at lots of pictures of gardens on the Internet. Here is some inspiration:

These people had to fight the city to keep this lovely front-yard garden.

Eric M’s garden in Washington.

I like the use of the tall flowers here.

This one was a 20th anniversary present.

Great use of the side yard.

I love this.
So much to think about…

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3 thoughts on “Raised Bed Inspiration”

  1. My friend and neighbor next door gardens in raised beds. It’s a pretty small area, but, boy-howdy does it produce beautifully and abunduntly!
    She is still harvesting tomatoes, eggplant, herbs, etc.
    Of course, living here in Houston, TX we can garden pretty much year round.

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  3. Thank you for linking to my photo of the kitchen garden bottom photo. This belongs to Christel Colla, the wife of Johnny Colla of Huey Lewis and the News. She is a fantastic person and gardens incredibly.


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