Put An Engine On That Bike

I came upon this bike in an electronics store and was enthralled. It is a regular 10-speed beach cruiser, only it has an electric engine on the back. You can kick it in and out at any point. If you’re going up a steep hill, it can do the work for you, or if you’re too tired, it can help you pedal back home. It goes up to 15 m.p.h.
As I am the last person in the world to put on a speedo and start training, this is a great option for me. There are problems, though: The bike costs $900. That’s a problem. Also, the charge in the engine only lasts a year, which doesn’t seem good enough considering the cost of the bike.
Luckily, I found another solution. This:

That is a similar electric engine that you can put on any bike, thus converting it to an electric bike. The engine costs $300, which is significantly cheaper, especially if you already own a bike.
I’m just not sure if it would work on the real bike of my heart, the adult tricycle, though.

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