Pros and Cons of a Roomba

We have used a Roomba for several years now. We’re actually on our second Roomba–the first one broke. I didn’t pay full price for them–they both cost around $100 because we got them on discount sites. As we have all hardwood floors, it does a good job of keeping the floor clean.
A lot of people are skeptical that Roombas work. Well, they do. They work great. However, they aren’t perfect. Here are the pros and cons.

* Roombas do a great job of cleaning your floor.
* They can be scheduled to clean automatically so that your floor is always clean.
* They are efficient and save you work.
* They are great when you are about to have guests over and are scrambling to clean up.


* The full retail price–$300, I think?–is too high. They should be around $100.
* They don’t work as well on carpets. If I had wall-to-wall carpeting, I wouldn’t get one.
* They have to be cleaned out all the time or they will break, as happened with our first one.
* Some people think they are loud, but then so is a vacuum.
Overall, I am definitely pro Roomba. It’s nice not to have to worry about cleaning the floors–I can just press a button instead. Plus it makes me feel like I’m on The Jetsons.

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3 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of a Roomba”

  1. What discount sites have you used to find your $100 Roombas? I’ve been interested in buying one, but $300 definitely seems too high. Also, I’m curious to know how your cats respond to it. Our cat is terrified of the vaccuum cleaner, and I’m wondering if she could learn to tolerate a Roomba instead.

  2. Hey J– often has them for around $100. You have to keep a lookout, but they do come up.
    I thought my cats would be terrified of the Roomba–one will run to the other end of the house and hide under a trunk when we pull out the other vacuum–but they have taken to the Roomba pretty well. At first they were a little perturbed, but now they mostly just keep out of its way.

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