Polyhedron Garden House

Not to long ago, someone made me do one of those lists of 10 things you want in life. I wrote it, and then for number 11, I wrote, “Have a little house in my garden for writing.” I had recently seen a documentary on playwright Tony Kushner, and was envious of his writing hut in the middle of his garden. It was isolated from the main house, surrounded by trees, and only big enough for a desk and some books. I wanted a writing hut too.
Well, now the dream has evolved. I want this to be my writing hut:
It is a polyhedron house in Bogotá, Columbia. And that’s not all, check out the back:
savvy housekeeping polyhedron garden house
I am impressed with the complexity of this thing. Here is a basic diagram of how one makes a polyhedron-shaped house:

Not to mention how cozy it is inside. Install me some bookshelves and I’m ready to go:

Okay, I’m mostly joking. I don’t really want a polyhedron house in my backyard. The Tony Kushner writing hut would be good enough for me. Still, I wouldn’t turn a polyhedron-shaped garden house down if someone wanted to make me one. (Via NotCot)

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