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Food in Jars reminded me of a cool wedding favor: herbs plants. Awhile back, I went to a bridal shower and received a little sage plant as a favor. I planted it in my garden and it has since gotten huge. I use it all the time in cooking.
As much as I think favors are unnecessary at weddings, I like the idea of giving a plant as a wedding favor. Herbs are a good choice because they smell nice, they are a gift people can use, and they are cheap to assemble. If you wanted to be frugal and had the time, you could probably grow all your favors yourself for minimal cost.
Along those same lines, I like the idea of tree saplings as wedding favors.
savvyhousekeeping tree sapling wedding favors
Weddingbee has a story of a couple who gave the above seedlings as a favor because they got married on a family farm, which had a road lined with cedar trees leading up to it. That sounds lovely.
Another site advocated giving packets of seeds, or two flower bulbs in a box, as favors. Both excellent ideas.
Plants symbolize something growing and getting stronger and eventually producing fruit… just like love! Awwww… Anyway, it’s certainly a more environmentally friendly choice for a favor. Better than, say, this:
savvyhousekeeping wedding favor
(Food in Jars link via Justinsomnia)

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7 thoughts on “Plants as Wedding Favors”

  1. I gave away bamboo plants in little pot shaped glass votive holders. They were cute, and many people still have them – 2 years later, and they loved it when they got it. I was one of those that though wedding favors were a waste of money until I thought of giving a plant.

  2. Cathy, that sounds really nice. I like the idea of giving people something that will last, and a plant definitely does that.
    P.S. I hate Twitter.

  3. Too true about those overdone ‘favors’ that don’t do anyone any favors! Not the bride who pays, not the guest who either has to find a place for it or throw it away a month later, not the landfills that stuff like this fill up with! Love the idea of herbs or saplings- very symbolic and meaningful, as you noted.

  4. I’m thinking of giving plants as wedding favors too but can’t decide if where to put it, can seem to finds a small porn what plant in good tp give..I love this idea too!!

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