Plant Waterers

I have known about these “wine bottle nannies” for a long time now. They are terracotta tips that go on a wine bottle so you can slow-release water your plants. It’s a cool way to save a particularly meaningful wine bottle.
But the cost of these things are a little high at between $20-$50, which makes me wonder if there is an easier way to do this. Maybe you can just stick the bottle directly in the dirt? It works with the aqua globe. You know, these things?

I picked one of these up at Ross for $3. They are handblown globes with a long tip that you fill in water and then stick in the plant. A lot of people have asked me if they work, and the answer is yes. The plants pulls the water out of the globe when it wants it. The only difficulty I’ve had is one plant pulled all the water out of the globe at once and I ended up with a puddle of dirty water on my counter. That didn’t happen with the other plants, so I think my houseplant was just being mischievous. (Or it needs re-potting.)

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