Nativity Sets Round-Up

Growing up, my parents always had a nativity set out at Christmas time. As an adult, I would like to continue this tradition, but most nativity sets are so tacky, you know? I don’t want to display porcelain dolls or badly carved figurines in my house. Maybe this is one of the reasons why so few young people put out nativities when they are decorating for the holidays–they often seem like something your Grandmother would display.
However, attractive nativity sets are out there. Here are some that I found:
savvyhousekeeping nativity sets attractive modern cool simple
Designer Valerie Atkisson makes these Nativity sets by laser cutting metal. “The two pieces connect in the middle, creating a cross, with the baby Jesus lying in his manager at the center, adored by Mary and Joseph, shepherds and animals, the three Kings and an angel.” $130-$280, depending on the metal you choose.
savvyhousekeeping nativity sets attractive modern cool simple
This Alessi Nativity set is a “contemporary spin on the Holy Family.” I’ll say! It comes in either red or white and costs $90.
savvyhousekeeping nativity sets attractive modern cool simple
This is probably my favorite, but to tell the truth, I am not sure if this German Nativity Set is still available. However, they have lots of other options on their website if it’s not.
savvyhousekeeping nativity sets attractive modern cool simple
Finally, this candle holder is maybe all the nativity set I need–and it’s easy to store. It costs £26.50 and looks like it can be shipped to the United States.

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6 thoughts on “Nativity Sets Round-Up”

  1. The link for the contemporary German nativity is not working on my end. Can you provide me the name of the maker, as I would like to see if this set is still available. The photo was posted in your blog dated December 15, 2010 (2 arches and 12 other pieces).

  2. Sorry it doesn’t look like it is available anymore. You can try searching German nativity in Google and see if another one comes up that is similar.

  3. After I saw your article in 2010, I have been looking for the German nativity above, without success.
    HOWEVER … I finally found it and it still being made. Details are below. I have ordered one and cannot wait to receive it, after holding out for several years until I found what I feel is the most beautiful nativity ! Thanks for sharing the photo !
    Artist: Bjorn Kohler (Germany)
    About $300


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