My Spring Cleaning List

Now look, I don’t promise to do all these things. However, it occurred to me as I contemplated giving my house a thorough cleaning tomorrow that it would go better if I had a kind of game plan–a list, if you will–of what I need to do. Some people would find this list annoying or bossy, but I like it. It makes me feel more organized and it keeps me from skipping things. Here it is:

My Spring Cleaning List
In Every Room:

    Sweep and mop all floors
    Dust sides, tops, and inside of all furniture
    Clean the trim around windows and doors
    Dust lamps and lights
    Dust all art
    Water all plants
    Generally pick up and de-clutter
    Clean mirrors, windows, and paintings with glass fronts
    Vacuum/beat all rugs
    Take out trash
    Write a list of things to sell
    Write a list of things I need

In Specific Rooms:

    Scrub baseboards in hall and kitchen
    Hang up clothes in bedroom
    Organize bedroom closet and remove clothes I don’t like
    Ditto bureau
    Change sheets in bedroom
    Tidy up books and magazines in office
    Clean and organize pantry
    Wipe down all kitchen cupboards
    Clean outside of all kitchen appliances
    Clean the trashcan (Yes! Even this has to be done sometimes.)
    Organize under sink
    Clean kitchen sink
    Cat box
    Vacuum leather furniture
    Bleach and clean bathtub/shower
    De-chicken the guest room (i.e. remove the brooder, dust, sweep, etc.)
    Organize guest room closet
    Clean and bleach the entire guest room bathroom
    Organize coat closet

Things I Can Skip:

    Blinds. I don’t wanna.
    The stovetop in the kitchen. My husband’s turn.
    The hood over the stove. Because, gross.

I don’t think I’m missing anything.

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