My Pepper Experiment: Getting Even More Peppers

Unripe Bell Pepper
Yesterday I gave some tips on how to grow pepper plants. I have one more tip to share, one that was a result of another gardening experiment that got startling results (read my experiment about steer manure and zucchini plants here).
I read that by pinching the first flowers off a pepper plant, you redirect the plant’s energies into growing bigger and stronger, and then you get more peppers. So in May when the pepper plants started to bloom, I pinched off all the flowers on two of my plants, but left the flowers on the other 6 plants as is.
The results were startling. While all my peppers produced, the two plants I pinched the flowers off got much bigger than the others. Now they are positively overflowing with peppers.

Loaded Pepper Plant
While I didn’t do a count, there’s no doubt that the plants I pinched the first flowers off:

    a. Got bigger and healthier than the other plants.
    b. Produced more peppers.
    c. Produced bigger, juicier peppers.

I’m going to do this flower pinching method from now on.
Here’s how I did it, if you want to try too: when the first flowers set, pinch off the flowers. It feels wrong to do it, but that’s okay. The plant puts its energy into getting bigger, and thus you get way more peppers in the long run.

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2 thoughts on “My Pepper Experiment: Getting Even More Peppers”

  1. Thanks for this tip. I’ve had varying results with peppers. I tried growing jalapeno peppers several times and they died within days of planting already-started healthy plants (from Home Depot) They just keeled over. Eventually, I planted one in a pot and it thrived. I think I have something in the soil (nematodes is my guess) that kills in-ground peppers. Collards do great however, so the soil only seems to bother the peppers.


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