Grow Your Own Mushrooms

A week ago, we bought a mushroom farm from Far West Fungi. It is going gangbusters. See:
growing mushrooms savvyhousekeeping
It is a little hard to tell what’s going on here. The mushroom farm is a compressed loaf which you keep in a plastic bag to keep the moisture in. This picture is taken from above looking down into the bag. You can see quite a few mushrooms growing off the log. Here is a picture of it from the side:
growing mushrooms savvyhousekeeping
This is the second mushroom farm we have purchased from Far West. We’ve been very happy with them both times. They cost $19.95 and you have a choice between oyster and shitake mushrooms–we like shitake.
The loaves are made from rice bran, sawdust, water, and mushroom spores that have been compressed together. All you have to do to grow the mushrooms is open and close the plastic bag according to the instructions, maybe spray them with water. It is the easiest thing in the world.
Here’s a few advantages to the mushroom farm:
1. You really do get a lot of mushrooms. We have had the farm for a little over a week and have harvested over a pound of mushrooms already. The last farm grew over 3 pounds of mushrooms–or $5 a pound for large fresh mushrooms. This one is looking even more promising. We’ve already made mushroom pasta sauce and a mushroom pizza.
growing mushrooms savvyhousekeeping
2. You can grow them anywhere. I recently gave a mushroom farm to a friend who has trouble growing things in her dark apartment–plus her cats eat plants. Because the loafs don’t need light and are in a plastic bag, it’s a great way for her to grow her own food.
3. The mushrooms are clean and good quality. They are big and perfectly clean (no scrubbing with a mushroom brush) because there is no dirt involved.
growing mushrooms savvyhousekeeping
And when you’re done with the loaf, you can throw it in the compost where, as the instructions say, “it will enrich your soil.”

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