My Mother-in-Law’s Chili Part III
Tuesday-Thursday: Left-overs.
So now you’ve got this big vat of chili, what do you do with it? Never fear, chili is very versatile. Here are some ways you can vary the menu for the rest of the week.
Chili Dogs

    2 hotdogs: $.26
    2 buns: $.66
    1 oz cheese: $.50

Directions: Cook the hot dogs, put warm chili on top, put cheese on top of that, zap in the microwave to melt the cheese.
Total cost: $1.42, or $.71 per person
Chili Burritos

    2 tortillas: $.30
    4 oz cheese (2 oz per burrito): $2
    Taco seasoning

Directions: Heat enough chili to fill two burritos. Add taco seasoning to the chili. Line the tortilla with cheese and chili, wrap, and cook in an oven at 425 degrees. It should take about 15-20 minutes. Chili is dense and takes longer to heat up than regular beans.
Total cost: $2.30 or $1.15 per person
Chili Spaghetti

    1/3 box of spaghetti: $.30
    1 oz Parmesan cheese: $.50

Directions: Cook spaghetti. Heat up chili. Put on cooked spaghetti, toss, add some cheese on top.
Total Cost: $.80 or $.40 per person.
Total cost for (most of) the week: $10.29
What do you do with your leftover chili?

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