My Meal Plan

Someone asked me what I feed my family, so here is my meal plan for the week.
In general, I eat about 60% from the garden and freezer, 40% from bulk foods and grocery store items.
Usually I make a big meal toward the beginning of the week and re-fashion it into leftovers throughout the week.
For example, last Tuesday I made meatloaf. The leftovers were lunch for the baby the next day, and on Friday I made a meatloaf pizza. (Ever tried meatloaf on a pizza? It may qualify as an unusual pizza topping, but it tastes great.)
This week I’m doing something similar with a ham that has been languishing in the freezer.
In terms of cost, it’s hard to calculate exactly how much I’m spending this week since so much of it is coming from the freezer. How much money to attribute to the rib meat leftover from a barbeque we had last month that I used in pasta sauce last night? It’s hard to say.
But a lot of what we eat is free from the garden, or very frugal. For example, in the tomato sauce, I used mushrooms I bought from the mark-down shelf at the grocery. There were something like $.50 a package because the mushrooms were past their prime. So I dehydrated them and put them in a jar in the cupboard. Then when it came time to use them, I simply pulled them out, soaked them in water, and added both the mushrooms and the mushroom water to the sauce.
It’s a matter of getting food when it is cheap, preserving it, and then using it when I’m ready.
Here’s the meal plan:

Hunter-style Pasta

    * Leftover rib meat that was in the freezer.
    * Tomatoes from the garden.
    * Mushrooms I bought on sale super cheap and dehydrated, as mentioned above.
    * Bulk Parmesan cheese from Costco.
    * Linguine from the store, $.99/package.


Ham Dinner

    * Ham from the freezer.
    * Twice-baked butternut squash. The squash and chives are from my garden, the breadcrumbs are in the freezer, and the sour cream is in the back of my fridge and needs to be used up.
    * Salad, all from the garden—lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and so on. The salad will be dressed in olive oil and homemade vinegar.


Ham Panini and Butternut Squash Soup

    * Leftover ham.
    * Cheddar cheese I bought in bulk at Costco.
    * Sourdough bread.
    * Leftover butternut squash soup I made last week, using squash from the garden.


Date Night! We’ll probably go out to dinner.



    * Beans that I made from dried and then froze.
    * Tomatoes and peppers from the garden.
    * Avocado I bought on sale ($.50 each).
    * Cheddar cheese I bought in bulk at Costco
    * Tortillas (locally made.)


Pizza Night!

    * Homemade pizza dough
    * Homemade sauce using (you guessed it) tomatoes, zucchini, and garlic from the garden.
    * Bulk mozzarella cheese we bought from Costco.
    * Bulk Parmesan cheese we bought from Costco.
    * Topping–probably ham, but maybe not.


Salmon Dinner

    * Salmon I will buy on sale from the grocery at $3.99/lbs.
    * Potatoes from the garden.
    * Green beans from the garden, sauteed in olive oil.

During the day, I eat leftovers, salads, and sandwiches. The baby will have ham, butternut soup, and whatever else is appropriate for a baby to eat.
What are you eating this week?

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