My Carbon Footprint

For fun, I calculated my carbon footprint here. You know, like you do. Results:
“Your estimated greenhouse gas emissions are 14 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent per year, which is below the U.S. national average,” which is 27 tons of carbon dioxide.
Well. That’s pretty awesome. I guess I could eat less meat or compost more, but overall, I’m not feeling bad about this. I don’t drive much, I re-use most things, and I buy locally whenever I can. The funny thing is, I do all this for my pocketbook, not the environment. It’s funny how frugality and environmental friendliness go hand-in-hand.
What’s your carbon footprint?
UPDATE: Since starting to compost, my carbon footprint has dropped to 9.3.

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2 thoughts on “My Carbon Footprint”

  1. Mine is 10. Not sure how that happened. Possibly because I live in what they consider high-density housing and I don’t drive or fly much. Yay me?


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