My Beautiful Backside Sofas

savvyhousekeeping divan sofa
I love these sofas from Doshi Levien. Great colors and details. Here’s the back of the sofa:
savvyhousekeeping sofa divan
They come in three sizes. Here is the smallest:
savvyhousekeeping sofa divan
Here’s the back:
savvyhousekeeping sofa divan
According to the Italian company Moroso, which manufactures the divans: “The cushions are covered with Indian textiles and decorated with very large, extremely beautiful buttons. Fabrics include silk and cotton and a Kvadrat wool cloth designed by Giulio Ridolfo which is woven like an Indian silk, the warp and weft are of two different colours.” They were inspired by this painting:
savvyhousekeeping sofa chair
(Via SwissMiss.)

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