My 2013 Garden Plan

My garden this year is going to be a little crazy.
Remember how last year I had to scale back my garden because I was pregnant? That was hard on me. Now I get to make up for it by having a huge garden.
Also now that I do have a child, I have more incentive than ever to plant healthy, fresh food.
And, finally, we are investing in raised beds to thwart my ongoing vole problem, and naturally I’m going to want to try them out.
Here’s what I’m planting this year.

Plants that I’ll put in after the frost date (April 15):

    Tomatoes–Three types: Early Girl to get an early crop, Brandywine for sweetness, and Beefsteaks for impressive size and flavor.
    Cucumbers–Probably Lemon Cucumbers, but I am also open to Armenian Cucumbers.
    Butternut Squash–Savvy Jr.’s favorite squash so far. I’m growing from seeds I harvested myself.
    Crane Melon-A local, very sweet cantaloupe. I’m growing from seeds I harvested myself.

    Boule d’Or Melon–I couldn’t resist these seeds: “Very sweet, pale green flesh is just marvelous. Yellow and loosely netted, a very beautiful melon. This was one of our top melons in our 2003 trials, truly incredible! It was listed in Vilmorin’s book The Vegetable Garden in 1885, but is very rare now. An all-time favorite and a dream for market growers.”
    Apple Melons–A melon you eat like an apple. These are an experiment since they require a lot of heat. I may put them in after May 1.
    Bell Peppers–So far I have green bells started from seed I harvested myself. I’ll probably do purple and red bells too.
    Jalapeño –I find that one Jalapeño plant is plenty.

Root Plants:

    Potatoes–Already started using this new method. So far, so good.
    Beets–One of my favorites because you can eat the roots and the greens.
    Fennel bulbs


    Kentucky Green Beans–Mr. Savvy’s favorite.
    French Green Beans–My favorite.
    English Peas–Another Mr. Savvy favorite

    Blue Podded Peas–I already have some of these seeds, so why not?
    Scarlet Runner Beans–This is the first year I’m growing these. They put off showy scarlet flowers and produce a black (I think?) bean. From Wikipedia: “The beans are used in Greek cuisine under the names gígantes and eléfantes which are more than twice as large as regular beans, taste slightly sweeter, and are favored for baking. … The flower is known as a favourite of Hummingbirds.”

Onion Plants:

    Leeks–I’m trying to grow these from seed this year.
    Garlic–I already started these in the fall and they seem to be going along pretty well so far.


    Lettuce–I have endive, mesclun, and radicchio seeds.

    Arugula–This crop is half over, already. My arugula self-seeded as usual, and I’ve been eating the leaves for the last two weeks.


    Asparagus / Strawberries–These are supposed to be good companion plants, so I transplanted them together in the same bed. So far so good–the strawberries look happy and I have harvested three asparagus spears already.
    Artichokes–I moved these from a hot place where they were unhappy to another part of the bed. I saw one last weekend in partial shade and it looked like it was thriving, so I’m trying these plants with less direct sun. We’ll see how they do.
    Respberries–Since putting in my raspberries three years ago, they have produced exactly one berry. This year might be their last chance to do something.





Plants I’m Still Considering:

    Okra–My friend gave me some seeds, but I’m skeptical they will do well in our climate.
    Corn–I love corn, but it’s so cheap to buy and takes up a lot of space.
    Jerusalem Artichokes–Because they can be invasive, I need to set up a separate container for them, and may not have the time or will to do so.

What are you growing this year?

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4 thoughts on “My 2013 Garden Plan”

  1. We’re just getting into the swing of garden time over here too, although it looks like you’re way ahead of me.. 😉 I don’t know if you’re planning to buy raised beds as kits or buy the lumber and build them yourselves, but I wanted to throw out to you that I built a raised bed for about $6.00 a couple of weeks ago.. I discovered the cull lumber cart at the Home Depot, got three 4′ 2×12 boards and made a bed for the back patio. So far so good! I plan to raid the cart when I can get back up there over the summer until my back yard is filled with beds! 😉

  2. Thanks for the tip, Christy! $6 is definitely a bargain. Just make sure the wood isn’t pressure treated–I hear the toxic chemicals can leak into the soil. We should trade seeds sometime soon.

  3. We’re already starting our tomato and sweet pepper seeds along with some sunflowers for beauty. We’ll be starting more seeds when these are ready to plant. We use Aero garden to start the seeds. The veggies will be planted in pots.

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