Moss Lettering On A Wall

This is a great idea for a fence or a wall in the backyard. Artist Anna Garforth is making “moss graffiti” in London. The letters are made out of moss, which will eventually colonize and grow. It is the first line in a poem–she has four more lines to go, which will be at different locations.

I’m not a huge fan of the trend of people painting phrases onto the walls of their houses, but a line in their backyard seems totally different–especially if it is made out of moss. Here’s how Anna said she did it:

“I went to the cemeteries around Stoke Newington, spatula in hand, and scraped the moss off the grave stones,” she tells us. Then, she “crafted the letters [in typeface Georgia Italic] with a nifty pair of scissors and lots of patience. Using biodegradable ingredients, I then glued the moss to the wall, where hopefully it will colonise and grow.” Presumably, as it does so, the lettering will gradually disappear, which sounds rather beautiful.

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  1. thats so amazing I thought the same for my project and then found ur should know that in order for moss to grow you need to paint the walls with moss and yogurt!it might help u next time lov the idea though


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