Minimal Wall Clock

I mention clocks on here a lot because I’ve been looking for an interesting one for my living room for some time now. I think I found it. In perusing this house tour of photographer Rion Nakaya’s house on Design Sponge, I saw the following clock:
savvyhousekeeping minimal wall clock
This is good. It’s interesting, has the right amount of quirk, and would look good with the rest of my decor. The post says it was found in The Conran Shop in Paris.
Oh but I love the Internet. Here is the same thing on Amazon for $34.95.
savvyhousekeeping minimal wall clock
It’s called the Nextime Wall Clock. I might just get it, except that when I showed it to my husband the first thing he said was, “That would be easy to make.”
And so it would. Hmmm….

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2 thoughts on “Minimal Wall Clock”

  1. A friend of mine has something similar in her home. She hung small pieces of framed art (she’s an artist, and collects her friends’ work too) around the hands, so each one symbolizes a number on a clock. I guess it took her forever to figure out how to hang everything so it looked right, but it turned out great.


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