Martha Stewart's Herb Garden

My own herb garden has been a bit of a struggle because it turns out that gophers love herbs. Now I’ve learn that Martha Stewart has an in-depth view of her herb garden, including an interactive map that let’s you see that layout of the garden and what herbs she planted. It is a dream herb garden.

But aside from being pretty, they also go over different herbs, including the odd ones that I never know what to do with. For example:
“Stevia — This tall, leafy plant is the source of a popular sugar substitute. The powder from the stevia leaf is 100 times sweeter than sugar. You can use it to bake, to preserve, or to flavor your lemonade. It is a natural and delicious way to save calories.”
“Cradoon– The Greeks and Romans loved to eat Cardoons, and you can prepare them like you would an artichoke by boiling the vegetable and serving it hot with melted butter or cold with a vinaigrette. Act fast before the flower atop the vegetable opens to reveal a profusion of dazzling purple petals.”
Wow! The probject reminded me of several other herbs I eventually want to cultivate, including marjoram and tarragon. You know, once I get the gophers under control.

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  1. Love to know how many people are employed to keep up her herb garden. What do you think 2 full time herb gardeners?


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