Making Packing Material

When I was a teenager, I had this pen-pal who would send me letters in envelopes that she made from magazine pages or card stock or other unpredictable pieces of paper. I liked getting her letters because they were interesting from the outside in.
I bring this up because I have to mail a package today and I don’t have a box that fits the presents I have to mail. I try to never buy packing material because it’s just something that will be thrown out in the end and because I have other things to spend my money on. At times like these, I think of my pen-pal and how she made the packing material herself from other things lying around the house. Since the Holidays are careening around the corner, I thought we could all use a list of how to make your own packing material:

  • How to cut down a cardboard box to fit your item. I will be trying this out today with a box I got from Costco.
  • How to make a gift box out of an old greeting card. What a great use of a card.
  • A video on making an envelope. They are advocating buying their template, which I wouldn’t recommend. However, you can probably figure out how to make your own template (or how to simply fold an envelope) by watching.
  • How to make an manila envelope. This could be a great use for paper grocery bags.
  • I have also been known to take apart a junk-mail envelope, turn it inside out, and re-glue it.
  • For most of these projects, you need tape, scissors, and a gluestick. I got my gluestick for $.20 at Target last year when they were selling school supplies. They are handy to have around the house.

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