Making Children's Silhouettes

The other day, I was in a mall. I hadn’t been in a mall for over two years! I hadn’t realized how much shopping has fallen away for me.
Anyway, I went into a fancy children’s store and they had Hand-Cut Children’s Silhouette Art for $159. Here they are:

They were cute, but I thought, I could make that.
Well, I guess I wasn’t the only person who thought of making children’s silhouettes, because Lindy at Cottage Hill did that very thing using her own children’s profiles–and what’s more she shares how to do it on her blog.
It looks like she first took a picture of her children against a light wall, enhanced the drawings, and cut them out of black paper. Then she put them against gray-blue fabric and framed them.
I think they look pretty great. And they cost a lot less than $159.
I can see why I don’t need the mall any more.

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2 thoughts on “Making Children's Silhouettes”

  1. The part that amazes me is, they expect us to pay $159 for silhouette art of *somebody else’s* children. At that price, I expect it to be a custom print of my own child, possibly in a gilt frame.


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