Make Your Own Woods Wallpaper

Cole and Son’s Woods Wallpaper has shown up all over design sites as an example of a tasteful and graphically interesting wallpaper.
But at the steep price of $200 a roll, it isn’t something most of us can easily afford. So Katie from My Pencil Box took matters into her own hands. Her husband, a tattoo artist, sketched the birch trees on the walls and then Katie went over them with a magic marker.

The result looks great, maybe even better than this DIY branch wallpaper reproduction. A little elbow grease can save a lot of money sometimes. [Apartment Therapy]

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2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Woods Wallpaper”

  1. I love this faux wallpaper! They did a masterful job. I wish I knew a tattoo artist with time on his hands to draw this for me ! I’m pretty good with a sharpie : ))


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