Make Your Own Sundried Tomatoes

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I get so many tomatoes by the end of the harvest season that it no longer makes any sense to freeze them. So I decided to try dehydrating them in my oven.
It worked out pretty well. I ended up with a jar of sundried tomatoes that have come in handy in Italian cooking. I plan to do it again this year too.
To dehydrate the tomatoes, I first cut them in half and lay them out on a tray, like so:
diy sundried tomatoes savvyhousekeeping
I happened to have a lot of Roma tomatoes, which are ideal for dehydrating, but I also tried some larger tomatoes, and they worked out just as well.
After I cut them up, I put them in the oven:
diy sundried tomatoes savvyhousekeeping
I set the oven on the lowest temperature–175 degrees–and left them in there. It took hours to dehydrate the tomatoes. I think I put them in around 9 a.m. in the morning and they came out at 8 p.m. at night, so around 11 hours. I knew they were done because the tomatoes had shriveled up to a fruit-leather-like consistency.
Really, it was extremely easy to do. The resulting tomatoes taste exactly like the store-bought sundried tomatoes, only a little sweeter. I suppose you could fix that by adding some salt.

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  1. Wow, that is AWESOME! We were supposed to go tomato picking at the farm where we get our veggies from, but this weekend looks little too crazy to fit that in… makes me want to re-think!
    This is getting bookmarked.

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