Make Your Own Roman Shades

I am sometimes flabbergasted by the price of window coverings. Take Roman shades–drapes of fabrics sown onto a second fabric panel cost anywhere from $60-$300 per window. Sure, Roman shades look nice, but that is overpriced when you consider how simple they are.
So what about making them? The above shades were made by the Shawna from Newsday’s Cheap Thrills blog. She went to where “you can input your window’s dimensions and get a free custom pattern and step-by-step directions.” The site also tries to sell you a kit, but you can skip all that and just get the parts on your own. Shawna’s shades cost $20/window and look custom made… because they are.
UPDATE: I have been informed that this site actually charges you $2.99 for the pattern. Lame! You don’t need a pattern to make the shades, however. Here’s a how-to on Roman shades.

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  1. Could you address how inside mounts of Roman Shades can be done on Vinyl Windows without causing air leak and possible break in seal???


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