Make Your Own Paprika

Who knew making your own paprika was so easy? According to Maggie’s Farm, all it takes is drying Hungarian peppers in the oven and then grinding them up. It took 15 peppers to make the paprika pictured above.
And best of all, if you grow the peppers yourself, the paprika is free. Something to think about when planning a garden this year.

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2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Paprika”

  1. Shoot. I can now never, ever do this, lest my fiance find out what paprika is made of. Right now he accepts it as a spice from the shelf, but he *loathes* peppers of all sorts. ROFL.

  2. Well! That is a really great idea! I’ve done homemade spice mixes & windowsill herbs, but not actual homegrown spices. Now to see if I can fit a pepper plant in our garden this year…


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