Make Your Own Padded Envelopes

savvyhousekeeping make your own padded bubble envelope
I often have to mail things with padded envelopes. Usually, I re-use a bubble envelope someone sent me by tearing off the labels and taping them up. It’s a little ghetto, but it works fine. However, every once in awhile I still shell out money for a pack of padded envelops because it never occurred to me before to make my own.
It turns out that there are several tutorials online for making your own padded envelopes, including this one from SwirlyThoughts and this one from 27 Things. Apparently. all it takes is glue/tape, paper, and bubble wrap.
The advantages to making your own padded envelopes is that a. you can make them any size you want, b. they cost less if you re-use paper and bubble wrap (I always have bubble wrap lying around, for some reason), and c. you can use any paper you want, which adds a decorative flair to your envelope.
savvyhousekeeping make your own bubble padded envelope
Good to know.

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