Make Your Own Gardening Toolbelt

I’m not sure whether “apron” is a better word to describe this, but Cut Out + Keep has a tutorial on how to make your own Gardening Toolbelt. It’s a piece of canvas that is folded and sewn so that you have pockets to put your gloves, clippers, and trowel in. That way you don’t lose track of your tools while you’re gardening.
Even though I have my nifty gardening caddy that I made from a $4.50 golf caddy, I still have a bad habit of misplacing my tools when I’m gardening, so that I often have to stop what I’m doing and run around the yard trying to locate them. Maybe a gardening toolbelt is the answer.
And if you like that, Sewing in No Man’s Land can show you how to make a child’s version of a gardening apron too:

Pretty cute stuff.

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