Make Vs Buy?

Slate has an article comparing the prices of making vs buying basic things in the store. Writer Jennifer Reese looks into whether it’s always worth it to make things from scratch. You have to compare the cost of making something vs. the price of buying it to really know whether it’s worthwhile. Reese tried out several basic things in the kitchen and compared them to store prices. Her verdict?
Cream Cheese–buy
Crackers–buy, but she seems on the fence
There are two intangibles to add in whenever you’re thinking about make vs. buy. One is quality. As Reese discovered, homemade often tastes drastically better than store bought, but not always. It’s important to weigh that into the final equation.
The other intangible is time. Some things take a lot of time to make, so even if it costs less to make from scratch, buying it can still be more efficient and cost-effective. On the other hand, if you can make something in 10 minutes that always saves you $5 over the store price, every time you invest that 10 minutes, you’re saving $5 ($30 an hour). Of course, then you have to compare that money with what else you could be doing with that time. As the article says, it’s not a great idea, financially speaking, to quit a job and make bagels from scratch in your home kitchen all day.
Read the article here.

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