Make A Stone Bath Mat

savvyhousekeeping how to make your own stone bath mat
We are still working on our bathroom remodel, which has a bit of a “zen” feel to it, so I was intrigued with this how-to on making your own stone bath mat from Natural Home.
To make the mat, first you build a simple wooden frame, put a wire mesh across the bottom, and fill it with stones. It’s like having a river bed in your bathroom.
I’m not sure how practical this is, but it looks cool–especially if you are into collecting pretty rocks.
What do you think? [Mother Earth News]

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4 thoughts on “Make A Stone Bath Mat”

  1. It’s looks pretty, but no practicality.
    Seems to me that as the stones get wet-when you step on it getting out of the shower or tub-your floor underneath will get wet too, since there is only screen under the stones. It would look fabulous in a guest bathroom, that doesn’t get used all that often for bathing or showering. It definitely has the wow-factor, looks wise.
    Of course, in my house, the stone would constantly go missing, between the Kid and cats who would see them as toys. 🙂

  2. I think the water from your feet would still end up on the floor and that it would be slippery. Plus you can’t easily wash it.

  3. I think you guys are right about this. It’s just not practical. It looks cool though.
    I wonder if coating the rocks in something to keep them in place would be worth experimenting with …

  4. My kids would definitely find this exciting. And I would be finding rocks in place I never thought existed… Maybe you could lay a microfiber towel under and and change it out, though. Looks fun, though.


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